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Bringing Artists and Causes together for a Better Tomorrow

Our mission is predicated on the Arts and Artists whose paths are dedicated to the greater good! Our plan is to establish 35 communities across the United States and engage them all in the spirit of the Arts and Humanity to build a Legacy Virtual Network supported by Annual Festivals across the nation!

We Succeed Only if You Participate

Everything that we do is predicated on your participation and involvement, from the joy of buying tickets to the Music and Film Festival Events to spending Free Time in the Villages for Arts & Causes with the enjoyment of Guest Speakers and Music Previews on the Public Stage. We need you there at the annual events but just as importantly we need continued engagement in your communities so that the Arts and Social Justice thrive three hundred sixty five days a year! We have already begun to support Artists and their Causes in their efforts and hope that you will do the same.

Support Our Mission

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and fund our mission. Each $200 contribution = 2 VIP Tickets to our inaugural opening Festivals planned for New York and DC in the coming 2 years. In addition You may use, donate or gift each ticket and we will manage your wishes to bring opportunity to those in need or less fortunate.

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