The organizers of Festival BeCause recognize that charitable organizations are counted on to support millions of individuals, children, families and the most crucial of initiatives in our area. While demand for nonprofit services is on the rise budget cuts continue and thus, far too many nonprofits struggle to thrive. To address these concerns, Causes continually seek new partnerships; new fund development strategies to ensure and increase efficiency. Committed to seeding and growing our community roots, we have developed a unique way to support high impact Causes.

It is the vision of Festival BeCause to assist nonprofits that touch the lives of millions each and every day to keep their lights on as they continue to carry out their noble missions and respond to ever increasing demands.

Festival BeCause will bring over 10,000 people together to enjoy incredibly talented visual and performing Artists while celebrating the charitable Causes they represent. Our Village of Causes will promote up to 70 nonprofits most worthy of recognition and investment by dedicating space, free of charge, during the festival.

Our goal is that festival attendees will enjoy a great weekend of visual and performing arts and be introduced to Causes that are making a world of difference.

If you are a nonprofit organization representative of one or more of the following Causes, we may be interested in working with you:


Children, Families (includes pets, ie: rescue orgs)



Social Justice

The Arts

Future Technology  


  • Free Space within our 15’ x 40’ Cause Pavilions for the 2 day main event as well as workshop and network opportunities in the 2 date preliminary VIP events.  We will provide a 6’ table & chairs within the pavilions for your use.
  • Your organization will be represented by an Artist or Artists who will promote you when promoting their appearances, during their scheduled performances, within their kiosks (visual Artists) and in their interactions throughout the festival weekend. A brief opportunity to speak to the Festival Audience may be arranged with your performing Artist(s)
  • Free and Social Network Marketing: Your organization and mission will be promoted free of charge in conjunction with your representing Artist(s) via our website and in the social network engagement organized by Coaches that will be assigned to your team.  This will help you to increase awareness of your programs, fundraising efforts and other important initiatives and will begin upon acceptance and continue through Festival and beyond in archive. Our network includes over 300,000 followers in the DMV and nearly 4 million worldwide in conjunction with our Social N Network partners. Post fest, your organization’s link will be permanently archived on the Festival BeCause website to allow open source future reference.
  • Two VIP Passes: Each participating Cause will receive 2 organization VIP passes that will be shareable among your staff. These passes are valued at $250 each for the weekend and include access to our indoor events on Friday and Saturday and for all restricted areas at the main event including access to food and beverage as well as Artist access.
  • Participating Causes will receive up to 50% of advance sales related to their and their artist’s marketing of tickets. The more you promote your involvement with Festival BeCause in partnership with your representing Artist(s), the more revenue you stand to raise for your Cause! We will also allocate a portion of excess proceeds to each Cause post event.



Q: Do you accept organizations that have religion or politics as their primary mission?

A: We support non-denominational and non-political organizations only

Q: Can our organization bring items to sell at the festival?

A: Yes, with prior approval by the Village of Causes Coordinator, depending upon content.

Q: Do we have to be there all four days or can we be allowed to be present for just one or two days?

A: We would like you to have representation during the VIP Events and expect your involvement in the Village for Sunday and Monday.

Q: What is the cost for us to participate?

A: Free to approved nonprofit Causes. Your 6’ Banner and supporting materials will be your only Fesitval-related costs.

Q: What time do we have to get there each day to set up? Can we leave early or do we have to stay for the entire day’s activities?

A: Please be on site each day by 10am through 7pm at minimum.

Q: Are there size limitations to our signage at our booths?

A:Table 6’ x 2.5’ maximum / Wall Banner 6’0” by no more than 4’ tall

Q: Will we be able to drive close to the Village of Causes to unload and load?

A: Yes. You will have nearby access to drop materials and garage parking is available close by.

Q: My organization is not connected with one of your presenting artists. Does this mean we can’t participate?

A: We will work with you to coordinate representation and you may recommend a representing Artist(s) as well.

Q: We are a staff thin organization and will have difficulty staffing a presence for the entire weekend?

A: We have a supporting Volunteer Corp that is ready to staff your presence, we ask only that you will provide training and direction so that they represent you as you wish.